Dominik Pizza – A little bit of heaven in Glen Cove, NY

Over the past few years there is a place that I go with my family every three or four months.  It’s a pizza place in Glen Cove.  No, wait.  It’s a Mexican food place.  No…It’s a pizza place and a Mexican food place!  The two most wonderful cuisines of Italian and Mexican food have come together in this small, cozy establishment.  Now I don’t know when it opened, but what I do know is that if you want some real and authentic Mexican food you go to this place.  From the enchiladas to the lingua tacos (that’s cow tongue for all of you who don’t speak the lingo), the taste of this food transports you back to somewhere beyond the border to a small town you only have seen in National Geographic magazines or a television show hosted by Anthony Bourdain.


To the naked eye some might say that the place looks a little unique.  It has futbol (soccer) being played on the television hanging by the register.  It has some Mexican artwork hanging on the walls.  There are Mexican sweets and soft drinks to add to your order that makes it all the more authentic.  They even have Coca Cola in glass bottles, which if you’ve ever had it in a glass bottle, you know that there is nothing in this wide world that tastes better than that liquified sugary concoction flowing from that transparent and fragile storage and delivery system.  But move beyond that and you see the enticing pizza pies through the glass counter display.

The pizza they serve is good enough to drive a nine year old crazy leading them to beg for three slices, when you know they can only finish one.  The perfect balance of sauce and cheese is just right for luch or feeding the family on a football frenzied Sunday night.  It’s always hot and fresh and the taste just makes you smile from the first to the last bite.




My favorite dish from Dominik Pizza is the Bistec a la Mexicana.  It’s a beautifuly seasoned steak with onions, refried beans, salad, rice and tortillas.  Just thinking of this particularly delicious item is making me hungry as I write about it.  Yes, that’s how good it is; and I just ate dinner.  I can’t help but order this item from the menu every time I go.  It’s like I get put under a spell.  I look through the menu for fifteen minutes, irritating the others at my table.  Do I get the flautas?  No.  Do I get tamales?  No.  Do I get the same damn thing I order every time I go there?  Yes, along with a heaping portion of complaints from my family who all want to pound me into oblivion because they all wanted to order together and I held them up…again.  But, then the food comes and all those complaints and wishful thinking of my untimely demise fade away to the sounds of what can be categorized as yummy noises coming from all around.

Yes, Dominik Pizza is a little slice of heaven in Glen Cove, NY.  To go anywhere else for affordable Italian/Mexican food would be a crime.  I can’t wait to go back again  and order something different.  Who am I kidding?  It will be the same thing.  And I will leave with the same feeling of happiness one can only get from a sinful meal that creates a symphony of satisfaction in my soul.

To order from Dominik Pizza if you are around the Glen Cove, NY area, go to and check out their menu.  You won’t be disappointed!  



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