If You Want to Act Like A Douche and Get Nothing Done, Act Like Colin Kaepernick

That’s right, I said it.  Colin Kaepernick is a douche.  I am sick and tired of hearing his name like it’s actually relevant and listening to the recap of what this ungrateful moron is doing this week.

Here is a guy who signed a six year contract with the 49ers for $114,000,000, including a $12,328,766 signing bonus, $61,000,000 guaranteed, with an average annual salary of $19,000,000 who does nothing with his celebrity but kneel during the national anthem, insult veterans, and praise communist dictators like Fidel Castro.  I personally think he’s taken too many hits on the field because he tends to forget that the reason why he’s making that much money and has the celebrity that he likes to exploit is because of the country that flag represents and the people who came before him that paved the way for his success.  People fought and died because they saw the flag and the country they lived in and said to themselves, “this flag means so much more than what people are making it out to be right now.”

He has stated in the past that he is not going to stand for a flag of a country that oppresses black people and people of color.  Define oppression, Colin.  Yes, profiling goes on.  I have friends who have been subject to that and it sucks, but it’s better than being hit by water cannons and having attack dogs let loose on you because you decided to use the “whites only” bathroom.  That’s what real oppression was all about. In the past if you were anything other than white in the south you couldn’t use the same bathroom.  You couldn’t eat at the same restaurant.  You couldn’t talk to white people like they were your friends even though you actually might be because people would get the wrong idea.

My mother has a white friend who grew up in the rural south during segregation.  She remembers she had a job picking cotton on a farm a member of her family owned.  She was friends with people of color who worked with her.  One day she asked a black gentleman she was friends with if he would teach her to drive.  He immediately was filled with fright.  He told her that he couldn’t. If he got caught in a car with her they would kill him. And he was dead serious.  They would kill him for being in a car with a white girl.  Thank God, Dr. Martin Luther King, and the entire anti-segregationist movement, that no one has to fear for their lives over something like that ever again.  In the end, the man taught her secretly, and she owes passing her driving test to him.

There are other people in other countries who know what real oppression is like.  Take for instance the people of North Korea.  Let’s say Mr. Douche was North Korean and decided that one day he felt oppressed and decided to kneel during the North Korean national anthem.  Do you think the fearless leader, Kim Jong Un, in all of his obese glory would take kindly to somone disrespecting the country he rules like that?  Hell no!  He would arrest the perpetrator and have him killed, along with all of his family members; men, women and children.  If you were lucky you would be sent to a re-education camp, never to be heard from again and worked until you die.




According to freetheslaves.net, in the world today there are over 21 million people enslaved.  Yes, slavery still actually exists.  22 percent are forced into sex slavery.  26 percent of those enslaved are children.  That’s almost a third of those enslaved.  That’s 546,000 children.  Why don’t people like Colin Kaepernick turn their celebrity and use the freedoms afforded to them in order to help with those people who really live under oppressive regimes and situtations?  Because it’s too hard, that’s why.  Way to go, tough guy.

I have also never heard of this individual doing anything for anyone or any community in need right here where he supposedly states it’s so terrible.  Sure, he talks a big talk when he wants the attention, but I never see him donating money, helping a child, visiting an elderly person who maybe can’t afford heat during the winter or food to get by.  Where’s the news coverage revealing that?

The left constantly complains about the rich not reaching out or doing anything for those who need it.  They complain about the selfishness and greed of certain elite individuals who thrive on attention and selfishness.  Well you need not to look further than this man right here.  Mr. “Look at me!  I can bend my knee at a 90 degree angle and piss off most of my fellow countrymen!”  Where I come from we call that an attention whore: the guy who puts on a show for everyone to see with hopes that some people will follow.  Ultimately, this showboating does nothing.  It angers and irritates people and makes people turn away instead of rallying to the cause.

You might say, “Well, Rizzo, he has a website and a charity.”  That’s great.  But he’s relying on you to donate.  He’s not putting any of his own cash to work.  Why?  Because it’s his.  His football career is slowly and painfully coming to an end and he will eventually not know where his next paycheck is going to be.  He’s making some poor decisions making enemies of people who maybe would have employed him or endorsed him after his career phased out.  Now the only place he’s probably going to be able to land a job is in the non-profit sector anyway….if he’s lucky.  Because why?  No one wants to hire a douche.


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