I’m back!

A few days ago, before the election, I had been posting some things on Facebook in order to keep myself entertained and keep my followers completely abreast of where I stood politically; which they most likely already knew.

I had already lost a few people as friends who I thought were mature enough to agree to disagree after I called them out on specifics concerning subjects they knew absolutely nothing about and thought to myself, “have I really gone far enough?”  The answer was a resounding “NO”.  I had been watching the debates and the consistent trouncing of the Republican candidate, Donald Trump, who I had previously met in person, albeit for a very brief moment, when I was privy to entering Trump Tower as a kid accompanying my father on a business meeting.  At that time he seemed like a very nice man and larger than life in some aspects.  He was with his now ex-wife, Marla Maples, and his daughter, Tiffany, was just a baby.  As I was watching him now I felt he in no way was deserving the pummeling by the media and the public was certainly not deserving of the tinkering with the election the “lame stream media” was doing.  So I made some posts.  And more posts.  Then I pondered.  I need to do much more.

Facebook was just not getting across the real vitriol I was feeling at the time.  And now with the election over and the presidency in the hands of Donald Trump, I can continue my diatribes with a little more comfort knowing that the next four years will not be live under the suffocating blanket of Democrat Party rule.

In the past I’ve tried to start other blogs, but really never got into it.  Now, what seems lifetimes later, I’ve decided to give it another best shot.  Let’s see how this rolls.

As you can see, I’m back.  Not that you really noticed, because I had hardly any followers in the past, but I’m looking to change all that.  I’m looking to serve up a nice heaping, vaporous, greasy plate full of New York sarcasm and irritation to anyone that will bother to read.  No, I’m not trying to be a jerk for the sake of being one.  I’m looking to speak my mind to an audience who really just couldn’t give a shit about anything else in their daily lives, but to sit and read my blog.  I hope it’s entertaining.  I hope you get your rocks off on what I have to say; and maybe a picture or two.  It’s the rude ensemble of stories mixed with mildly intelligent diction that will possibly carry its way through the melancholy of someone’s day.  And just maybe….maybe….I will make it just a little better.  Actually, that’s just wishful thinking.

I’m a disabled veteran who holds no grudges, but sees assholes everywhere.  I’m actually an asshole myself, so I should know one when I see one. I’m a native New Yorker with an attitude problem.  I’ve spent more time on the Long Island Expressway getting to work and back than I’ve spent time in my own house with my family.  I’m surrounded by people all day long brimming with angst.  But, that’s the way it is in New York.  It’s time the world got a taste of what it’s like too.

Yes!  I’m back.



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